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Failing Forward

Zero Kilometer- End of the earth Finisterre, Spain

Standing at the edge of the earth, at zero kilometer was eerie, exciting and thought provoking. Zero to me is a beginning, a new start, yet explorers looked at the edge as the end. Failing forward is about starting new, testing beliefs and assumptions and failing in order to find a purposed direction. A way to give back and serve. It's exciting and humbling to venture inward while exploring outward; new destinations, new circles of people and enlightening ways to make a difference.

Its interesting, as I contemplated retiring for years I thought about all the ways in which to spend my time. But primarily, I thought it would be relaxed, non committal and full of outdoor pursuits and just playful fun. My time would be mine. Yes, a bit self-centered! As it turns out, I could not have been more wrong!

There is a voice inside of me that keeps driving me beyond my own desires and needs. It directs me forward to serve and to give back. This place has no clocks, boundaries or structures that I once knew. It's not fueled by status, titles or barriers to hide behind. It's as wild and free as one can image so limitations don't exist. And perhaps this is why it remains one of the most difficult journeys of all.

As I ride my roller coaster forward, I am grateful to explore new places, new beliefs and new directions that I might not have experienced if I stayed on the familiar path. Although I know I am mortal and my age at nearly 60 is real, I feel renewed and ready to re-image next. I have always prided myself on living a passion filled life, and my past credentials certainly prove that. But why slow down now. I almost think its time to speed up. The stakes are higher as we age. Retiring does not mean checking out... kind of like ... been there done that...... Its really a chance to review the past and create a meaningful next. A second, third, or even fourth chance to revisit our dreams and aspirations and create a purposeful future while we still can.

I don't have any more answers than the next person, but I know that we are enriched when we share our experiences in ways that can help someone through their hurdles. When I think of purpose, I think of just that. We might never know the impact we had on another person, just as others don't know the impact they have had on us. And it does not matter. What is important is that we understand, believe and act in ways that help others, our planet and our future generations.

As I travel beyond my own limitations, I hope to help enrich the lives around me. That we all seek a purposed life and we all want to be someone. And at the end of the day, we want to know our life mattered and our legacies will carry on long after we are gone.

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The Journey of Purpose - Follow your Heart

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