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Can daily routines fuel spirit?

Can a daily regiment fuel spirit? How often do we search outside our routines longing for adventure. Wondering how will we accomplish our goals and dreams when our schedules are full with work, raising children and daily responsibilities. We look forward to the next vacation that will help us unwind and recharge. How can we live balanced if we wait for those get-a-ways that might happen once or twice a year?

Often the answers are right in front of us. They are the little things every day that create a sense of adventure. Simply, its how we look at our life that day and make a "normal" day something new. Change it up.... find new ways to manage daily routines. For example, when I have a day that is not tightly scheduled, I might take a run or bike ride somewhere new that is not well planned. I just go! Inevitably that new route takes me off track and lost... but that also feels adventurous to me and usually I beat a goal or meet someone I had not anticipated. Its random things that create new. These become habits inward and we begin to seek this feeling more regularly. It's like we are preparing ourselves to live life a bit on the edge. The unknown becomes less scary and we move through change and chaos with more ease. Fear does not control us or inhibit movement forward. We become more willing to look ahead with anticipation that something enriching awaits us on the other end.

I have come to the realization recently that my desire to dabble in horse events is not because I am prepared or very good, but its a deeper desire to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I think sometimes that inner drive and courage represents a feeling of inward adventure like what we seek when we build our bucket lists.

Why wait for the bucket list years and those once in a life time trips? Create a life of adventure and seek bucket list experiences in all you do. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Live your life with purpose, gratitude and service. This fuels the spirit and becomes a way of life.

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