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   WHO AM I   

I take the path less traveled.

By challenging the status quo, to build solutions that have the greatest impact for good. It’s not the typical answers I search for, but those outside the box.

I am  a visionary and innovative leader with a talent for bringing people together to create win-win solutions while building lasting relationships.

Leading change and developing teams in a fast paced environment creates an engaged, purposed workforce. It takes courage and compassion to lead with integrity, respect and service. These values are at the core of all I do and believe.

My worldview and desire to help others shaped me as a leader. I am passionate and devoted to serving my community by inspiring the change needed for longterm sustainability. I believe in protecting our natural resources, encouraging people to get outside and building lifelong stewards. 

I seek out adventure in all aspects of my life and look for new ways to push my boundaries. Taking up flying was not a life long dream, but I stumbled onto an opportunity to fly figured why not? Ultimately flying gave me the courage to disrupt a successful stable life and pedal around the world on a bicycle. Writing my book was a catalyst for change and directing me to purposeful work. Sharing my experiences and connecting people together are ways I enjoy serving others.

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