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Directing Our Compass

How often do we hear of an inspiring story of someone overcoming extreme odds? Watching the Winter Olympics last month is a great example. There were so many stories of athletes who pushed beyond unimaginable barriers. We might not relate our own limitations and triumphs to famed athletes, yet there are many components of courage, conviction, strength and failure that we can relate back to our own lives.

What are our drivers? What motivates and inspires us to build purpose and meaning? With a direction, clear or unclear, would we push ourselves more to seek reward? Would we disrupt the status quo when life appears good? How do we challenge great, when we settle for good? And how do we spot the difference?

These tough questions seem to be top of mind for many. Regardless of age, background and lifestyle, our bond to each other lies in our common inward needs, beliefs and convictions. It's encouraging to witness movements that are changing our world. Standing together to find solutions empowers us and validates that we can make a difference and its our duty to do so.

A group of young university female leaders recently asked me for advice. "How do we direct passion and meaning into our lives as we enter the workforce?" They seemed genuinely concerned about their ability to follow their heart and beliefs while seeking viable employment. This is a top question on many minds and of all ages.

It's not too late to ask yourself some questions and begin a plan that redirects your personal mission. Many know my story(s) and have followed me through these changes that became journey's of self-discovery and paths to a better life. Not to say anything outward was wrong...... its was always much deeper and personal.

Seeking "why" will help direct your quest (why you do what you do, why it is important to you?)

Ask yourself

-What is it I care most about? Arts, Outdoors, Social Services, Children, Economy, Politics

-What groups and organizations align with my values and represent my interests?

-How do I spend my discretionary time and dollars?

-How do I keep mind, body and spirit in check and do my activities help to develop a compass

-Do my circles support my values, dreams and aspirations and encourage action?

Ways to start

-Join organizations where you can meet people of similar values

-Be accountable to yourself and your beliefs even when its goes against your circles view

-Volunteer outside your circle to learn and understand what you don't know or might be uncomfortable with

-Be a voice in your community and stand up for change that matters

-Vote and support your communities and country even when options are dismal

-Support businesses that align with your values.

-Care for our planet. Leave it in a better place


"When we discover the simplicity of our quest we find our peace and nurture our soul" - Sally Vantress-Lodato

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Thank you for your part in this journey!

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