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Take Two

Can life be replayed? Rewound, reviewed and relived? What is the point in looking back? It's done, finished, complete, right?

Perspective looking back gives a fresh view forward. Perhaps reviewing the past allows the building of future endeavors far beyond what could have been imagined.

Disrupting life two years ago put me on a trajectory similar to the change I made in 1987 when I cycled around the world. Neither was planned nor were they easy. But both times these hardships disguised as adventures provided new and renewed levels of courage and passion.

Fear finds us in all our endeavors, it can be empowering or debilitating. Inward reflection helps to resolve these struggles. Recognizing there is a choice of mind set can help defuse situations and open doors.

Take Two is about rebuilding and continuing to live through experiences as we age. What if we could rewind these years with a renewed vision of our goals and aspirations? How could life be a second time around?

Our goals and aspirations begin within and grow into actualization through people and experiences that teach us more about ourselves. Gaining this awareness and practicing its power can help settle doubting minds and lead to positive mindfulness.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your experiences with me as they help humble and encourage me along the way.

Best Wishes - Sally

"When we discover the simplicity of our quest we find our peace and nurture our soul" - Sally Vantress-Lodato

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