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Wandering Souls

My feet are screaming, my back is sore, my neck aches, but my soul is alive! ...... Life events have funny ways to redirect us. How we handle these changes are up to us. God gave me a second chance to re-invest, to serve and make a difference for good. I am grateful to be able to rediscover my place and explore a meaningful future.... And yet I find myself on one of the toughest journeys of all. It's a delicate dance between excitement, fear, growth and failure. It's impossible to advance forward without reaching into the unknown; to be vulnerable and disorientated. To take risks and believe that somehow, someway these efforts become rewards and a greater purpose unfolds.

Walking the Camino reminded me again how we are all connected. Everyone wants to be loved, be happy, stay healthy and build family. It's really simple, yet its become so complicated. Getting away from our daily lives and routines helps to reflect, bring perspective and clarity. These breaks can be as simple as getting out in nature where the fresh air, sounds and smells awake our senses. This can also be a way to tap the third eye (also called the mind's eye). This is where we create without fear or barriers. I find this place when I run and ride my bike. It's like a processing factory that allows me space to bring new thoughts and ideas to life.

For thirteen days I pushed myself to walk 190 miles from Lyon and Santiago. Without much knowledge of the path ahead, I just set out each day to walk, to think, and to meet new people. I don't consider myself to be a hiker, or for that matter an athlete. I don't plan or prepare too much. It's more like an adventure with a bit of mystery. There's a sense of freedom to explore within that excites me most about the things I do.

My days on the Camino started early before daylight. Peaceful, cool and pitch dark. Walking into the hills on narrow rocky terrain was a bit erie. Not knowing the area I wondered what animals could be startled by my intrusion. Using only a cell phone as a flashlight made navigating the dense terrain challenging. But watching the sky lighten, the moon thin and the sun appear was an empowering way to start the day.

​Thinking about home, I recalled all the years as a early morning jogger. I don't know that I have honestly ever really enjoyed running but it became a regiment and way of life, now for nearly 40 years. It's like having a front row seat to watch the start of another amazing day..... going from darkness to light..... is stimulating and invigorating. This was the best addiction ever and a productive way to deal with life's challenges, search for positive outcomes and feel accomplished in my ability to cope.

We are not expected to move through life alone. We are meant to connect, to experience and learn from people. To serve others and touch lives. As we nurture our soul we became a catalyst for others.

What is your go to place that recharges you and brings you the strength and courage to go forward? How do you like to share with others and inspire them along the way?

What does YAARA mean to you?-click on video below

Each one of us has our own evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests which are unique and challenging. But certain things are common. And we do learn things from each other's experience. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destination.

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