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Exploring the Arena

Fence posts, walls and borders don’t confine or define us. Open space can also be our arena. No rules but a simple analogy of how we dig in and learn the treasures and challenges that help explore our truths. Ultimately, this important and difficult work takes us to places of vulnerability and fear of the unknown, where we begin the journey of discovery. My life has been a series of adventures both big and small, where courage appears to drive my actions - And where I should have built up enough to last a life time. But that is not how it works. Courage is relearned because each situation is disguised differently and experiences tend to build upon one another. Whether we seek the obvious big achievements or the smaller personal daily goals, each effort peels back a layer of self when we deepen our view and dig in with intention and or reflection.

We are not alone in our quest. Connection is the bridge that helps bring goals to life. These lifelong relationships or quick encounters all deliver experiences that help direct us and can help refine us. I have learned that there are no coincidences or chance encounters. Dismissing these avoids opportunities to explore new ground.

Our connections go far beyond people. Our imagination and visualization can show us the imagery we need also. Buddy, was the bicycle I rode around the world. To me, Buddy was alive, he was my companion for my 18-month 21,000-mile ride. I cried, I laugh and I cursed our predicaments, achievements and failures. I was free to be myself with Buddy by my side.

This is true with animals. I have been drawn to horses all my life but it has been the past few years where I have understood more of why. There is nothing as powerful as the strength, movement and energy a rider can feel on top of a horse. The intimacy between horse and rider is felt deeply and is difficult to articulate. But beyond the physical experience of a ride, the connection and movement continue on as if it fuels something far deeper and meaningful inward.

This too is true with people who come into our lives and have an impact far beyond the physical encounter. We can’t explain our connection or draw to them, but its power is felt. Experiences like these can help us discover something new about ourselves, or simply open a door down a different path we might not have considered.

Underestimating experiences and encounters, “the why” behind what we do, is like ignoring our chance to explore that which we don’t know. This place of mystery and ambiguity is where our stories begin.

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection” - Brene’ Brown

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