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Pack it or leave it?

The most difficult part of traveling for most is how to pack. For over 20 years, I have counseled many travelers on best practices for selecting the right luggage, how to best pack the gear and simply... what to take. Here are a few questions to ask yourself...

1. What time of year, season and climate are you traveling to?

2. Activity level of your excursions.

3. Options to wash clothes?

4. Fabrics are super important. No cotton for cold weather, and wools along with certain synthetics can be too hot for humid/dry climates.

5. Dust and sun exposure?

Layering your clothes is one of the best ways to outfit yourself regardless of when, where and how you choose to travel. Building your colors and combo's help to make your clothes multi use. Tights are popular and can be worn solo or add a skirt and you have a dress/church outfit. With two item you can make three outfits. Light weight full zip jackets can to used over a tank, or tee or add a long sleeve over the tank followed by the jacket. Then add your mid layer (down sweater or fleece) followed by your outer layer that should be a waterproof, breathable shell. Making sense?

Traveling light allows you so much more flexibility. I typically travel with US carry-on luggage. This allows me to manage my gear enroute, change travel plans and not worry if my luggage will make the destination. How often have you returned from a trip and realized how many items were not even worn? Pack your best combo's, know your fabrics and layer, layer, layer. Watch for my future blogs on fabrics, packing tricks and tips, how to pick luggage, footwear/socks/insoles and much more.


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