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Take No Prisoners!

While on safari in Botswana Africa in 2015 I visited a Rhino Reserve.

Getting a photo with this two-ton animal seemed awesome at the time. Don't try this at home! Not only am I out in an open field, I am crazy enough to be wearing an orange shirt. Why you ask? Thinking the tour to the rhinos was in a secure refuge, I anxiously wanted to wear something besides my safari clothing. When we stepped onto this property we began to walk on the open land towards the mama rhino and her baby. My legs were shaking as I contemplated our situation. Back home I thought of the moose we see from time to time down at the river. And the anger of a protective mother. Our escorts insisted I sit on the log for a photo op. The men took forever discussing my camera and how to shoot it. I did not breathe or move. I did not dare turn around, I thought, I would be dead for sure. And the guns our guides had would not be used to protect me. That I knew for sure!

In the book "Elephants Are People Too" the author Brian Connell quotes this:

"Black rhino are, without a doubt, one of the most belligerent, take no prisoners, attack for the hell of it animals in the bush.

You take your life in your hands if you stumble across one of these two-ton prehistoric-looking animals while walking through the bush."

In the chapter Rhino Phsycology 101 the author talks about living with these prehistoric giants. Often the author will be in the bush and suddenly a rhino comes out of no where charging at the smell of the human. When this occurs, everyone scatters for the trees.

One might ask me..... so now what were you doing sitting on that log????

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