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In this updated and revised edition of her book, Seeing Myself Seeing the World, Sally dares the reader to share a journey of inspiration, hope, excitement and danger as she circles the globe on a bicycle. Pedal with Sally, a novice cyclist, as she trades in her successful career and sells her belongings to embark on an 18 month trip of adventure to see the world. Follow her odyssey as cycling 21,000 miles ultimately becomes an exploration of self discovery.

Travel with Sally as she challenges the insurmountable odds of survival that test her beliefs, assumptions and way of life. Watch as she fights to find the courage and strength to conquer her deepest fears and earn confidence to keep going. Witness her bravery as she defuses tense situations and disarms potentially dangerous people. Cry with her as strangers around the world win her heart and reaffirm her faith in goodness with their love, encouragement and support.

Discover as she did that the world’s rivers and oceans, castles and cathedrals, forests and mountains only serve as a backdrop to the lives of people that help her see the world. Sally’s journey demonstrates the critical role that people play in life and that unexpected chance encounters happen to help us find our way.

Join Sally thirty years later, as she reveals insights and perspective which ultimately shaped her future beyond her imaginings. Her experiences prove the power our mindset has over creating  outcomes, positive and negative. And that our connections to one another are essential to our journeys and give us the courage to direct our path.



Seeing Myself Seeing the Word-A Woman's Journey Around the World by Bicycle

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