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The Story of Liquid Silk:


On a gorgeous September morning, I was swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The water felt soft and soothing as the waves gently caressed my skin. That afternoon, as we drove away from Gulf Shores, Alabama, I told Charlie that the water had felt like liquid silk. He exclaimed, "That's the title you've been looking for; that is your next CD!"


I love taking my digital field recorder out in nature to capture sounds for our recordings. The water sounds on Liquid Silk are all quite special to me. I recorded the ocean sounds in Gulf Shores. We visited good friends in Tennessee where I captured the most gentle sound of a stream. The remainder of the streams were recorded in a beautiful Colorado area called Waldo Canyon.


I recorded the crickets and tree frogs in a spot along the Suwanee River in North Florida where my parents used to live. Fortunately, that night was not a big night for mosquitoes! It takes a lot of patience to wait for the perfect sounds to happen. There are all kinds of noises I don't want such as a mosquito buzzing, a gust of wind, the sound of a car in the distance, an airplane flying overhead, or a dog barking. It can take hours and hours of recording to get ten minutes of clean sound, and it is worth the wait.


We receive many comments from people who love Liquid Silk. Babies are born to this music and loved ones make their transition to it. Massage therapists and many other healers use it for their practice. Others use it for meditation, relaxation or for going to sleep. It is my bliss to play this music and I am honored that it is a blessing to many.

Liquid Silk CD

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